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A company, which is not interested in paying employee benefits and tax, is deciding to hire people to work from outside of his office. This way there are approximately one hundred thousands of workers are working virtually all over the world. There are many companies are interested to pay more and hire virtual assistants for following departments, system administrator, Computer administrator, consumer service executive, secretarial service, web development for a company, food processing consultancy, medical advisor, web marketing. Apart from this legal advice, network, cloud computing, retail business executive, IT assistants, admin general assistant, elder care etc. are required permanently. All these workers work from their home, or said places. The company pays salary and incentives based on their performance, but these people will not get employment benefits from government for working as virtual workers.
Companies are feeling comfortable with virtual workers, because virtual workers are working with dedication on job, apart from this, they never miss to stay in online in time, they are doing the job with more responsibility. If they are appointed permanently they are bored with their regular job, that makes them to not to show their efficiency in all days, of course, only efficient workers are hired in the beginning, only after sometime, workers are not performing well. Same time, virtual workers are frightened about their service with a client, therefore, they are showing more interest on job. Apart from this, they are working only at their home; they are not spending transportation time, money for transport, dining outside in lunchtime etc. All these things are making a worker to feel comfortable at their work and from home.
Normally, a company is hiring virtual workers only for a reason there is not much work, if there is bulk work every day companies prefer hiring company based workers. As they get only little work, to do they prefer hiring virtual workers? Moreover, an owner of a business can inform worker to work only for two hours on particular day, on some days there will not be any work that also informed to virtual worker, this kind of information makes a virtual worker to take additional business, for winning bread. The owner is also not bothered about virtual worker other business, when there is no work with him. This kind of job opportunity is hard to find with employment agencies, employer is not interested to refer candidates from these agencies.
A virtual worker gets all other benefits from employer, in case an employer is attending a meeting in overseas, calls virtual worker to join on discussions. Pleasant surprise is can be expected by working as virtual assistant, all traveling food is taken care by employer, apart from that bulk money is offered to virtual worker. A sincere worker is always gets high revenue, a virtual worker is impressing a businessperson, that worker speaks his personal life to him, owner of the business providing entire support for his family as well, this is apart from regular salary of that virtual worker.


  • What is virtual worker?
    You will not see your boss in person, but you will see him through webcam, you will be able to speak with him, you have to obey to his instruction.

  • How long I can work as virtual assistant?
    There is no end even after sixty years you can work as virtual assistant but you have to be liked by your employer.

  • Where I can find employer for working as virtual worker?
    We are providing a chance to work as virtual worker; you can select your boss once you pay our joining fee. There is one week to thirty years jobs are available for virtual assistants. Short or longtime is your choice our company is only mediating between you and employer.

  • Every month should I pay commission to your company?
    If you pay once our joining fee, is enough to search your employer for twelve months. However, we have plenty of employers seeking virtual assistants from one day to many years, based on your qualification and your skills.

  • I am an advocate I can practice internationally can I get job?
    There are leading advocates are calling assistants in our platform, they are interested a person to answer in online for their clients, if you are selected by them, all you have to say legal opinion and earn money regularly.

  • I am medical professional I want to join what job I will get.
    There are many doctors are posting their requirements in our database, they need a person who is with medical knowledge, once you speak with them on chat, or video conference they will inform you what you are supposed to do once they hire you.

  • I know computer operation and internet can I get virtual assistant job?
    Yes of course, many administration works are pending in many companies, like you have to enter name, their salary and advance availed by that person, money repaid by that person everything should be entered, for which only some English knowledge and typing knowledge is enough. A person is sent on tour for sales, when he comes back he gives all accounts only in papers, bills, hotel bills, at time medical bill, all these must have to be entered.

  • Sales entries I know can I get job as virtual assistant?
    Yes of course, many companies are seeking a person to maintain stock availabilities on record. Once a product is sold if it is entered in database that can be ordered by the company again, by this way available stock could be to knowledge of an owner. This is very important virtual service, employers hire you immediately, once you join and visit my account page for virtual jobs. 

  • Well I am interested I would like to join as virtual assistant how to join, will I sent back for any reason?
    Employer gives a feedback about a worker not performed well means, we have to think about retaining you, however we never trust anything with a single incident, we wait and you regularly get bad remarks mean there is no option to remove you from our service. However, after paying subscription, you will be able to see many employers are seeking virtual assistants and there are thousands of jobs based on qualifications, so we have job from high-level workers to very low-level workers, you will be hired based on virtual interview with employer.

  • What pay I get if I am hired?
    Based on qualifications only pay is fixed by employers, however we fixed a salary for high level workers to low level virtual workers, employers are agreed to pay that amount, so any virtual worker gets reasonable money for working with us.

  • I am interested to work as virtual assistant what is next.
    Well, all you have to pay our subscription fee, after that you will be provided login details to select your boss, once you pay within twenty-four hours your page will be ready. Once you visit my account section, there you can find contact details of virtual assistants, executives, jobs for doctors, jobs for advocates, jobs for sales, jobs for admin still many jobs are posted you can contact and have your interview virtually to get selection.

  • If an employer rejects me, what about my joining fee will you return?
    In terms and condition, we clearly mentioned about this read it, further if many employers do not select you mean you have some problem, contact our customer support to get improvement in presenting about you, they will guide you, apart from this, you have one-year time to get a job with many employers from our database. Same time, many workers are able to find job in single interview they are highly paid now, they are quite happy about their service, every day they are thanking us for providing an opportunity to work from home with a nice employers.




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