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From above words, anyone can understand something is copied and pasted, yes this is the job offered by company. Copying a plain text and it is possible in two different ways, one is through mouse, and you have to select the text, content, or mater after that you will get blue color above words. Keep curser on blue portion, click in right side of mouse, now text is copied, now you have to paste in required place, we provide pace where it is pasted, now click right you will get “paste” from your computer program, you have to paste now. The next option is selecting materials in mind and keeping cursor on top of the portion and pressing control +A after that to paste again press control+ V this will do, job ends not more than this.
We will provide database contents and then you have to copy those texts matters, you have to paste in a provided space. This is not time sucking job, you no need to search text, all it is available once you join in our company. In your page you have to click, after that you will get plenty of texts to be copied and pasted. Only this is your work and you are paid based on plan that you select to join.
The text that we offer to you, it would be single line to ten lines at times fifty lines not more than this. Now you have to copy them and paste them where we are informing you to paste them. This job is very interesting job, even a child can do this job, this job will not bore you or job will not make you tires even if you work for very long hours. This is not like multi level marketing job; you have no tension in doing this job. This kind of job is very much delighting job to anyone. Moreover, this job is one hundred percent trusted job to do and earn money from this job.


  • Copy-paste job is intending an inner meaning easily, and copying and pasting is job nature. We provide you details once join, where and which you have to copy, and where to paste there ends the matter. We have big database with more texts, it appears to you once you click on it. Once you get them, you have to copy based on instruction which is available to you, this guideline is helping you to select right text and we are helping you how to paste and where to paste your copied plain texts. Many people guess, this is kind of multi level marketing and they have to collect people to earn money. This is wrong opinion of them, in this job, all you have to do only copying and pasting not more that. In this job, there is no time investment, only a bit concentration is enough, because you may repeat your job if you are not concentrating on this job, after that it is only difficult to you.

  • Do I need computer certificate or high knowledge to do this job?
    Not at all necessary, all you have to select text with mouse and CONTROL +C is for copying text, after that again for pasting you have to press same Control key and plus(+) V to paste this text. Just in second, you can learn this even, if you are new to copying and pasting job.  

  • What is required in knowledge to do this copy paste job?
    You will get keywords that mean it is an important to move fast in search engine, so it is called keywords, or any paragraph. (It is mixers of two to five words) you have to post these materials, which you received, from our company. It is only inside our server’s data page of webpage and it is only with a simple click you have to post them. It posts in server in seconds. After posting, you will get result, now again you have to take that result link, copy it, and post it for your proof of work to us. This is very easy to understand, once take content post it in server, that is all, not more than that, prove that you did your job, for which you have to click submit button which is visible to you.

  • Do I have to waste time in searching text from server?
    We told you already about this matter, it would never take not more than a second; nevertheless, it is quick time job, unlike other time taking jobs to work.

  • In which place I can find copy paste job to start working?
    Understand clearly, tools to do this job, guidelines to do this job and common advice for workers all are available only for workers who joined already in our company, all details sent to members through e-mail address.

  • How many numbers I have to do in a day this copy pasting, and how many in total months?
    We are not concern about your every day output on job, however, in a month lowest you have to do hundred copy paste works/ in a day below this and fewer level of hundred copy paste works/ in a day for master plan in fixed to get your payment. There is no workload, because we created a small amount of requirement of the work particularly in copy paste works. This made all workers to get payment; these workers are not even spending thirty minutes a day to earn their salary.

  • What best amount I could do copy paste job and as well in single month?
    Our company is not limiting any worker to do only particular quantity; therefore, one person can do maximum numbers and earn big revenue from our company. Maximum possibilities in starter plan a person can do six thousand numbers of copy past work. However, there is one more point you have to understand about your plan and income, if you select better plan you can earn more money and you can wok liberally. Therefore, think and take a plan how much you like to earn, how much you want to work for single day.

    Beginner pack: For 100(hundred-copy paste, by single person) will be getting ten 10USD a day. From this, a person can calculate 10x30 are 300 and that person can get 300 US dollars. Therefore a person is doing 100 copy paste work means he could get $10 easily in beginner plan, check other plan.
    Master pack: For 100(hundred-copy paste work) one-person gets- fifteen 15 US dollars a day, this gives meaning 100x15 are bringing =450$ Minimum, income will be four hundred 400US dollars - Maximum income will be twenty thousand 20,000 US dollars. We are not going to pay more than what you work, so you have to select a plan based on working capacity and if you calculate yourself what money you want from a month, you can work accordingly more for a month or less in a month. More you work more salary you will get, less you work for a month less salary you will get.

  • What are plans to work in your company?
    We categorize our workers as students joining in our company, homemakers joining our company, so we program our plans part time and fulltime category workers. Based on this beginner plan and master plan is available for workers.
    Joining Fees
    Beginner Plan: forty $40 USA dollars this is suitable for part time working people
    Master Plan: Fifty $50USA dollars this plan is suitable for fulltime workers.

  • How do I understand my work is eligible for payment, how shall I get it?
    Once you complete your copy paste work, you can see a link on browser that means on top of the computer screen and with space to type as www. there link will be there, you have to copy that link and you need to send to us, this report is essential for us, to understand that you have worked for the day. From fifth to tenth, you will get your payment, if you are not getting payment in these days; we are sending payments again on twenty second of same month.

  • Do I need to work completely what company assigns me to do copy paste keywords?
    It is not necessary, moreover it is not must to do it, you can see thousands of queries like keywords, and many paragraphs in our company database, you can take any portion and work according to your wish, nothing is compulsory for a worker.

  • Is it a worker should follow quality on work?
    There is no question for a quality in this work, all you are going to copy text and you are going to paste in our server, how fast you want to do you can do this work, because we are not concerned any quality issue in this job.

  • I want to know common workload for a month on this job.
    In this particular job, there is no workload for any worker, more work you take from our side and you do more money you can make on a day. If you do three-hundred copy paste jobs whole month, you will get your payment, this is very low amount of work, we fixed for workers, to earn money from copy paste job. Therefore, you have to do hundred-copy paste work in a day. It is not necessary for a worker to work every day for this work, even a person can complete this work in overnight, wait for his salary, and receive salary for work done by him. In case if you complete your work in a day, you can see there is more work is waiting for you to do and make money in copy paste job.

  • I would like to know real volume and dimension of copy paste job?
    The work will be single line to forty line, it does not affecting your payment we treat the job only as one job, therefore single line is one job, forty or fifty lines are one job for our company and if you do copy paste that content you will be paid 100% do not worry about payment.

  • When shall I know my work is eligible to receive payment?
    Each copy paste job you do is eligible for payment, if you are not placing text in not in correct content in provided box, in your page, you will not get payment for that job, and of course, it is easy to post in right place if you read our guidelines before you start your work.

  • Which time my job is rejected?
    In case you are not placing a text in correct space, if you are not placing original text in box, or you miss our keyword or query you will not be paid for it.
    If you ignore terms and conditions of our company, violating company rules, your account will be terminated, also your name will be removed from our database.
    If you place negligible content, or things or irrelevant to company or vulgar meaning content of unlawful messages, awful in regarding keywords, or queries your account is dismissed.
    If you are not working even least and minimum requirement of company’s requirement which is standard of company jobs, not done by you for two days continuously your account is banned.  

  • In which method company sends monthly pay?
    Any worker is paid just based on his plan which is selected by that worker, while on registration. In following methods we are sending payments for all workers, transferring fund to worker’s bank account, alert pay, money broker, western union, City bank Check, money gram etc, all these are easy sending and receiving financial companies.

  • What basis my salary is calculated?
    Salaries are sent in between 7th to 15th of for previous month works. Missing payment is paid on 22nd of the same month to all workers. We have many workers like you, this makes to miss payment rarely to a worker therefore, and we arranged standby date 22nd for missing payment.

  • Why I have to pay registration fee to your company?
    Understand, fee is collected for 12 complete months of contract time. There is not necessary to pay any additional money after this registration payment. In this registration fee, only we are managing work allotments to workers. Portion of the money spent for administration charges. Apart from this, a portion goes for server maintenance charges, above all, you are going to receive support from company side all twenty-four hours, and this is live support, we are providing for workers. This support is for lifetime. Charges are included for regular correspondence, we are sending some important documents when you are associating with us, and all these documents are sent only by courier or postal.
    Moreover, we are collecting registration fee only to avoid spam workers in our organization, if we announce this privilege for free, it is sure many workers will join our organization, same time, it is not sure they will do their work continuously, whereas, we have to deliver every work to client, who is paying to us. At the same time, we are not keeping this registration fee; we are repaying this money for workers, if the worker is working sincerely for three months. One way, collecting registration fee is helping us to get very sincere workers, and wholly dedicated workers, making our service as reputed service in the world.  

  • For easy copy paste work why company pays huge money?        
    Hundreds of people are asking this question, not only you. Now you learn how this is possible for us to pay more. Marketing on internet is developing every day. There are many changes are taking place on marketing methodology. Moreover, many people are browsing internet on their mobile, therefore, a person who is searching a product on mobile is able to get a product, because that company developed mobile app. Other companies are trying to push their site on top of the search engine. These companies are targeting only desktop and laptop devices.
    A worker from our company is pasting a text after copying. It is generating to more and more numbers of texts. This is being generated to different database of many companies. There are top ten advantages are found after pasting text. A product or service, marketing possibilities are made in quick. A site which is in behind on search engine reaching front of the search engine, therefore your work is playing an important role in marketing a product or service and it is reaching to real buyers.
    You are doing only copying and pasting work, but behind that, many things are happening in internet marketing. There are many companies getting more income from this kind of smart work. Enhancing marketing your work is playing very active and energetic for a site promotion. Promoting site only online market bringing more employment for people, there is relief for unemployment problem solved. You are ignorantly promoting a site, business gets income, which makes us to pay huge money for your work.

  • Okay! I want to join in copy paste job tell me how to join?
    Brilliant decision, this is the best income generating work, now you have to do is to finish your registration in online form. The next job of yours is deciding a plan to work for our company, now submit form, now you will receive completion of registration message. Here you have to pay joining fee by utilizing any card it could be credit card, debit card or paypal no issue about it. If you do not have credit card, debit card or paypal account still you can pay our joining fee through western union money transfer, channel.

    Once we get your money, we receive information that you have paid joining fee to us. Right now, within twenty-four hours time you are activated to work by our accounts staffs. Your work area is available in my account section, all these information you will get in to your mail id, which you have given before submitting your registration fee to us.




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