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Advertisement of a client company is posted on web is called ad posting. A company, which is doing business on internet and regular shop, needs more publicity on internet. These companies are giving their advertisement matter to us. We are calling our home workers to post on webs where it suits, based on working capacity a worker is earning money. Working in our company for ad positing job is easier than working with other companies, we are providing hundred percent genuine and lawful jobs for home workers. A worker can work at his leisure time, take an advantage of earning maximum money from our company, there is no string for a worker to earn money in above system.
First of all understand, there are many internet marketing companies are available, a few of their names are given here, yahoo, adsense, adbrite, azogle etc are well known companies for marketing products and services. These companies are offering earning money opportunities by clicking their advertisements for products or services.
Now from above internet marketing system we are offering three different opportunities for our workers to earn money smartly from their home.
Earn money smartly for every ad you pos on web- it makes no difference if your add is clicked or not.
Earn money wisely you post add and it is clicked by someone it makes revenue to you. So to say, this is additional income for you.
Earn money brilliantly for every advertisement posted by you and someone is buying a product or service from posted advertisement. This is purely extra income for you.
We are very clear in our program; we are not hiding anything here. Any person who works for this program is paid for his sincere efforts, a person should have this in mind before reading further. In this, a person is not allowed to post same advertisement once again, in sub domain, at very same company or posting is not made by him more than a web company. For comfort, a person can create single e-mail id for single month’s work. A person should not register on web, a person should not use a web for add positing without any registration made by our company. As on today, we are able to see we are now connected with more than several thousands of websites and companies are promoting their business only through advertisement particularly on websites, for increasing their business to reach better level.
On FAQ we have clearly mentioned we are not interested in requesting anyone to join adwords or other paid promotions for sales webs, for beginning this work. Anyone has no expenditure of any amount after paying onetime joining fee to our web. Anyone can start to work at once, after payment made by him. Nature of job is very simple and indicating ad posting work is very simple, a person must have to paste texts which has advertisement content on different kinds of classifieds webs, promotional blogs and in social media, forums, this is enough to make money regularly every day.


  • What is first requirement to do this ad posting job?
    Little surfing knowledge is must for a person to start this job, that person must have internet connection, a computer or any product similar to computer like laptop, smart phone, tablet phone, iphone or Ipad etc to work from home, in case, a person is not owned any of above products can use common computers available on internet centers. This particular work is available for all age group of people, and in all over the world.

  • Where I get list of sites to post ad? Text to post in space? Blogs and forums?
    Once you pay our joining fee, your registered details are only with our company. Your account is now connected to our server. After that, you can log to our site and check at your my account section now click ad posting job, especially in premium job and start your work right from payment made by you. In member area, you can see thousands of ad texts of different companies; apart from that, you can see free classifieds webs, blogs, forum details etc. For this work, all you have to search everything in member’s area and in our page, you will get all details to start working to us immediately.

  • I want to know, is it must to post all advertisements on web?
    You have choice of selecting text from available text matter page; you have a choice of posting in blog, web, forum, classifieds based on your interest.

  • Is there any fixed numbers in posting ad? What is workload for one day and for a moth?
    There is no time limit for ad posting, anyone can work without time limit, and a person can work according to his time availability. There is no tension in this work, because no commitment for a person to work particular numbers. There is no binding for a person to work every day, a person can post any number of advertisements on a day, we check all the works done by a person only at the end of the month, not before that. However, a person should have to work minimum numbers in posting advertisement to receive money as his salary. We settle his money after calculating with number of advertisements posted by that person.
    Plan for the executive: you can post highest of six thousand ads in a month.
    Plan for the professional: you could post nine thousand ads in a month.

  • What is the remuneration for posting single ad?
    Executive plan: Three dollars for placing ten advertisements on web
    Special plan maximum income earned is three 3cents of US dollars x=six thousands ads= one thousand eight hundred dollars whole money.  1800$
    Plan number two professional plan: Four dollars for placing ten advertisements $4
    Maximum generated income is 4c four cents x Nine thousand advertisements= Three thousand six hundred dollars. 3600$
    Company pays money only for ad posting or offering for clicking ad or sales made from posted ad.
    Offered above income is general income for all workers, but this income is a regular income, Point 7 is only for placing advertisements in free classifieds, forums, blogs, other promotional sites. However, you will receive money for every placed ad, this is ensuring even if anyone is clicking or buying you will get your money.

  • Is it possible to get income when my ad is clicked or product is purchased?
    Yes friend any person can receive an extra income by clicking and buying product from posted ad, all it depends in which plan you are joined in our company.
    If you are in executive plan, it is sure you will get $2 per click and $5 for purchasing a service or product.
    If you are working in fulltime or professional plan, it is sure you will get $3 per click and $7 per purchase made out of your ad.

  • In my posted ad, I want to know which was clicked and which site purchaser purchased?
    We have control panel with our admin officer, live report of your advertisements, posted ads, have separate coding fixed for entire advertisements. In member’s are one worker can see every day development in clicking and buying products by a visitors. It shows clearly for your posted ad.
    Apart from this, a worker can see how many dollars are made by him in live portal, total clicks for a posted site, total purchased made in ad posted site. A person also can check final income of the day for his posted advertisement.

  • Is it possible to get income without a click or without a purchase from my posted ad?
    Do not worry every worker is eligible to get regular income for posted advertisements according to plan. However, if a person gets clicks and purchase from his posted ad that is going to be his extra income apart from standard income.

  • I would like to know in general how much extra income I could make.
    Thousands of workers are working like you, according to their balance sheet, an average a person gets 10to 50 clicks. In this calculation, around $50 to $200, and $500 above a person receives money and this is according to plan. One person can estimate overall, $4000 and more income of extra money is received in two months once a person joining in our site.
    One thing you have to understand, a person is able to receive this money means, behind it there is a hard work of that person, so understand more work by ad posting enabling a person to earn extra cash by clicking and brining sales to that person.

  • Is any perfection needed in ad posting how to post an ad?
    Copying and pasting is only job of this kind of workers. There is no tension, there is no question of perfection, perfect mouse enables or perfect keyboard enables copy paste, with these tools a person can work perfectly.
    In posting an advertisement, lot of webs are providing free classifies to post any kind of advertisements and in different Colum to post advertisement. In our company we provide ready text to post no need to write, select text and log to a site click free classifieds and check mater place ad accordingly by selecting a subject and sub heading, after that you have to post ad on space available to post ad. This is very easy to understand once you log to a site and search free classifieds. However, we are giving you an example site, www.quickr.com in this you can make a trial posting and learn easily how you have to work for us in ad posting.

  • I want to know total number of ads can be posted on a website and in a day.
    You should not repost your ad, this is first condition of all free classifieds apart from that, an inside a site you can post ten ads as highest numbers for posting ads. We already told everyone we provide thousands of texts, and several thousands of webs forums for workers, you have to post ad in many sites, not in single site, however, in some webs limit is fixed you have to check them, and post texts ad according to the condition of web owners.

  • How a person is aware that he has posted his ad or not?
    We have server, to post link of posted ad, we understand from your universal resources link that you have worked for the day. We cannot disclose everything here for explaining you, anyway we have servers to receive posted advertisements, you can find with directions to use those servers to paste your posted ad, at the time of logging into my account section once you pay our joining fee. However, your work is simple copying and pasting on space allotted to paste ad, you can see your ad is published in seconds, from this you can understand you can earn faster in this program. On top of the screen link of the published ad will be there, copy link and paste in our server.

  • Do I need to pay money for webs to post ad?
    We earlier informed everyone we are providing thousands of texts and several thousands of webs, blogs, forums etc, if you post in given webs you have nothing to pay, and further once you pay our joining fee nothing else we charge and we suggest you not to pay any web are asking you to pay. If you pay for any web, we are not responsible for that money.

  • When I get my salary and how our company makes payments?
    We send salaries from seventh to 10th of each month. In case, a person is not able to receive money in this period, again payment is made for those workers on twenty second of the same moth. Salaries are sent based on plans selected by workers, in case a worker is not interested in present plan and like to move to better plan he could log to my account section and change is plan, however he has to wait for three months to receive additional money from new plan.

  • Is any account is banned due to any reason?
    An account is blocked for only following reasons, but all workers are perfect we have no chance to block any account so far. However, below listed reasons to get an account to block, that worker cannot work anymore with us.   
    A worker is not doing any work for two complete months.
    A worker is posting the advertisement in where automatic traffic, automatic surf, auto click are produced in a web, we are serious about his issue.
    A worker is not posting the advertisement text, accurately in classified, systematically, by not following guidelines.
    A worker is not following any rules of the company, and violating the terms and conditions, for ad positing we have very simple rules read T&C to know about it.  

  • I want to switch to higher plan from my lower plan is it possible?
    Yes, it is easily possible for all workers working in lower plan, to change their plan to higher plan; you have to pay difference in plan money according to your new plan. If you pay difference money from next day your payment structure is different, however it takes three months for us to put you in new salary, due to many workers are working in our company and everyone is changing their plan to higher plan. We have to add your name in changed plan in all data we have in our office administration purpose, so it takes time of three months.

  • Oh thanks! I am very clear about this ad-posting job and potential earning money from job how to join this job?
    You have to complete subscription form by typing all necessary things. After that you have to send typed matter form to us, now you can see you are redirected to payment page, here you have to pay your joining fee, and registration for working in our company. You can use credit cards, debit cards or paypal to pay joining fee to work in our company. People from global countries can use payapl if they do not have credit cards to pay our joining fee. In case a person is not able to pay with above paying system, there is one more option is available to pay through western union money, transfer system. More details of paying subscription can be had from payment section >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    We are also eager to receive one more workers in our company remember that, as soon as you pay we receive your fee, within twenty-four hours your job will be activated and you can work on advertisement posting section and in selected plan. All you have to see in your page and in my account section under premium paid workers area. You can see all listed classifieds websites, advertisement texts, for posting. You will have guidelines in that page where to post link of published advertisement on a webpage.
    In case, you need any additional information regarding job, or any other information about job of ad posting or you have doubt in doing your job. Alternatively, you do not understand how to work, all you have to do is to contact the person on contact us page, we are ready to assist you to work and earn huge money from our platform.




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