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Designers are always scarcity at one end, same time, on other end, designers want job. This is because right designer is not available for a company; designer who is searching a job is not able to find suitable company. All three categories of designers as graphic, website, animation is required for small work to permanent placement. In case, advertisement companies are in need of very small portion to be designed with graphic finding difficult to hire a graphic designer. Nobody is interested to work for small designing, and to get low payment. At the same time, if there is a company like ours, which collects all jobs for graphic designing, there will be permanent work but all small projects and endless projects to do for workers, a worker will not find time to complete his graphic designing job.
There are one billion websites are available on internet, most of them needs to be created again because they are created very long back. These companies are ordering to reconstruct their websites with a company like us. Web designer can create a site with language and unique content and with flash. However, technically qualified web designer can do all in one, other web designers can create a page and with link if the company instructed to provide link on their site. Apart from this, these web designers are requiring graphic designer once they need to have graphic on a site. In single plat form where everyone like graphic designer, web designer, and animator is available, it is a boon for multinational companies. they are ready to provide many orders, because they cannot hire different skills for one project of web designing.
Animator is always required for webpage and for website, there is no certificate is essential to do this job. Only knowledge is essential to do this job, there are many people studied in substandard schools, they are not able to get a job, however these designers are able to upgrade their knowledge by self, still they are not able to get a job. Wherever they apply for a job, only certificate speaks and they are rejected. At the same time, if they are given a chance to perform a designing work, they would show their ability and they will get a job, but companies are not showing interest, for a real performer, because they are from unrecognized schools. Freelancing work only enables a worker to show his talent and earn money regularly. In freelancing, only it is a wish of a person to accept a job or not, in case a company is quoting low money designer not necessary to accept it. A worker in this field asked to join in low remuneration, and they never get any increment in their salary, they go ahead with the job, they are becoming workaholic. Now there is a chance for all kinds of designer to earn extra income or a fresher interested in this job can earn substantial income by joining as a freelance designer in our company. 


  • How I get graphic designing work?
    Once you join in our company, you can see in your page graphic designs to be done, submit in fixed date, price quote is also there, and if you are interested, you can take and do.

  • What if I do not submit a project in time?
    We are fixing deadline with enough time, for each designing work, if you want to have more time, you can inform, we will pass to client, it is a choice of client to decide further extension of time, if not we pass the work to other freelancer.

  • How do you get all graphic, web design, animation orders?
    We already have all multinational companies in our database, we are doing different projects to them, and they are only requesting to do above jobs because of our sincerity and dedicated service.

  • What pay I get for web designing?
    You will get more than what others pay you for web designing, because we informed our clients we hire only specialist in web designing and with experience in web designing.

  • How long there will be job for animation?
    As long as you are interested to do animation, that longtime you will get jobs from our side, because we are now having jobs to complete until 2018, from this you can understand we are now only in 2014.

  • How much I get for a month in designing work?
    A web designer in basic plan can get easily 2000$ USD, an animator can get 25,000USD, a graphic designer can get 50,000 USD already many designers are getting on above ratio only, this is a random cycle, this is present position. When there are more orders for web design, that time a web designer will get even 1,00,000 USD per month. Our designers are working for a month and informing us, that they will back to job only after three months to six months.

  • You are offering more money how you are able to pay?
    As we informed earlier, we have only well paying clients, they are only bothered about quality, and they are not bothered about spending money. At times, a worker does a job perfectly company appreciates his work, pays him, now company is asking him to design in different way and paying more again. Our company is like a restaurant, in designing work, a customer can have a liked dish, and it goes for design here. However, visitor should pay for his bill, to restaurant; similarly, a designer gets his income.

  • Do I need to have qualification certificate for above jobs?
    Not necessary, we provide trial order once you join, of course, it is very easy to do, and if you are completing it, you are eligible to work. You can log to your page and avail works based on requirements of our clients.

  • I am interested what is next I have to do?
    You have to agree that you posses qualifications, experience to do this job, after that you have to fill form and you have to select plan according to our company, once you finish this you will get mail from our company with login details with password. You can see jobs are available based on your qualification in my account page.




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