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In many companies, they are not getting repeat orders from same customers; only new customers are buying their goods. These companies are realizing their mistake of remembering old customers. Once an old customer gets reminder for a product, which he has enjoyed earlier, he gets interest to buy again. Therefore, every company is having millions of old customers and they need to be remembered. Once they get back their memory, it is sure they buy from same company. Apart from this, a fresh customer is not interested to attend phone calls from any company. He feels disturbance if he is called over phone. Same time, once e-mail is sent to him, even in his mobile he open mail and replies about his plan. In many cases, a new customer or old customer once they get personal mail with some message they get interest to replay.
This is enough for a company to deal with him over phone next, later convince him to buy their service or a product. In many companies, they are sending email with discount coupon code; this enables a buyer to buy immediately because these coupons are rare to find in other places. Even free bees are sent through email and customer is happy to avail frees from a company. Earlier companies were sending free bees, coupon codes through magazines, but real buyers do not use those things, only brokers were misusing them. A broker will be having many coupons; he will be selling it to others. Now, this email sending is personalized and only right customer is able to get message and that customer is ready to buy a goods or service, in case, if he is not interested now, he is informing a company presently he is not interested. This is enabling a company to contact him later, and in phone call. Before calling in a phone, companies are going first step by sending e-mail. A small company is also sending one hundred thousands of email to customers. In a medium company, it needs to send five hundred thousands of e-mails to customers. A large company needs to send one million e-mails to customers. Only after sending email, they are able to get at least a substantial business and they are able to pay salaries for workers. Present world is digital world and everyone is expecting to upgrade him or herself with latest communication technology, which is available for fewer amounts. Invariably all companies are creating respected message for customers, after that they are requesting like our companies to send those emails to customers. We hired some people for sending emails to customers of clients; still we are in need of five to ten thousand workers all around the world to send emails to all customers. We have totally hundred billions of email addresses of customers of various companies; however, there is no mistake in sending them a new product or service, which is available nearby to their home. Only internet market is busy market, regular market is not able to achieve target, which is the reason emails are sent to customers.


  • A company why is not sending email with their workers?
    Bulk email sending software is expensive, not all companies interested to buy and install in their computer. In many companies, they are with makeshift office, hired office when it is required to meet clients, temporary office, residence cum office; owner manages the show not staffs manage all these offices.

  • How many emails I have to send if I join this job?
    We have different company ordered email jobs, they are not in countable, however, you have to copy paste content according to client requirement and you have to send only in bulk.

  • How many hours I have to work for this job to earn money?
    There is no time limit, if you work dedicatedly we have bulk work even 24 hours are not enough. However, if you work based on your time availability is enough, from one to six hours a day.

  • How this company manages to get this kind of email sending job?
    All existing clients are forcing to take new assignments, because of our sincere working effort for their other jobs. Apart from that new companies without office staffs are requesting to send email on their behalf to their customers, therefore plenty of orders are with us, we are unable to finish the target of sending emails because we are in need of home workers for this department.

  • Can I send e-mails through mobile phone?
    This  only with quality of your mobile phone, this is not normal emails these are professional emails for business purpose, they are with big contents and images, therefore, tablet, ipad, iphone pc, and laptop only suits. However, mobile phones are improving according to present requirements, in such case may be possible.

  • How much I can make from this email sending?
    We have three plans based on plans you will get your income, basic plan will receive lower money and master plan will get high income. However, even in basic plan and working only for just 2 hours a day fetches approximately four to five hundred dollars.

  • How I get subject to send email for companies?
    Once you pay to our company, you will get login details, after that you have to visit my account section, there you will see number of emails to be sent, and with various subjects like reminder, tender presenting, requesting for tenders, requesting for quotes, quotes to be sent for companies. Price list of companies, thanking message, welcome message, subscription details of a member, there are more than hundred and fifty subjects are there in our portal and billions of senders email address is posted in my account section. All you have to collect sender address, receiver address paste subject, and send in bulk.

  • How many e mails I have to send in a day?
    Even five thousand emails can be sent in few seconds, only other things you have to be careful, for an example if a person should receive price quote, if you send wrongly asking him to send price quote it ends in problem. Therefore, this is sensitive job, based on performance, we pay for this category of home workers, we want our client confirmation that job is done appropriately, only after that we pay. However, there are many introduction letters only we request you to send for some time, you will get your pay according to plan.

  • Now I am interested to join the program what is next?
    All you have to pay our joining fee, after that go to my account section and after we activate your account within 24 hours. Once this process is over you can start working for this job.




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