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Join us for our offline data entry jobs without any registration fee or any investment if you want to earn the highest income. daily payment freelance jobs.


These offline data entries representing using personal computers or any device without an internet connection, however, the best blending job is a data entry job and for all your data entry needs in personal and official. World companies are preferring data entry workers only through outsourcing from various countries, and from agencies and from data entry service providers, many people are willing to work from their home because they have computer purchased for children, now children are working in an office using pc very rarely. In many homes college students, homemakers, retired people are willing to work and earn only from data entry jobs. In this job, a person can be a boss for himself; this is a justifiable job to work from home. Hence, we started our company to offer job privileges to educated students, homemakers, and all free people ready to undertake this job and work at their home. The job requirement is only typing knowledge with enthusiasm to earn money from home and without any break in service. We have collected enough orders from multinational companies of different countries, data entry converting work is not offered for all companies, because MNC needs them badly in the due date, we are supplying in time, these companies are retaining our company service by providing bulk orders. We have an organized system in data entry work.


  • What is required to do this job?
    Yes buddy; we need speed in typing at least thirty to fifty words per minutes. If you can increase speed in your typing, we are happy, same time you will be happy because of your earning will be more, than normal people with an average typing speed will. We need further computer knowledge MS office, windows operation with internet access knowledge; all these are our requirement to provide you this job. Internet connection is necessary only for downloading purpose and it hardly takes fifteen minutes to download files, after that you can work without internet connection.
  • What files data should be received what kind of work I should do?
    Company is sending only JPEG image file, all these files must be converted to MS office with your typing ability, and with understanding knowledge of files and its importance.
  • What subject files are containing?
    Our company is aware about your prime time, we never want to waste your time, also our client companies are well aware about above statements. Therefore, we will never provide a topic, which you cannot work on it, we provide only simple typing job they are text manually written by a person, you have to type and convert MS files with enough speed to meet deadline.
  • What perfection is required in typing this file?
    We need perfection of ninety two percent, eight percent we manage with our team of workers, totally error free typing with speed is enough.
  • What is the revenue I get by working this job?
    Different types of incomes are offered to home workers according to their selected plan before joining our company with joining fee.
  • Can anyone use software to do this job?
    Absolutely, no, we are against and our principle companies are against in using software for typing work, you have to do manually, that is the reason we are paying more money comparatively with other companies. Apart from that, once the work is done in software, MS word is blank and there is no data found, that is also one of the reasons we are against software. We have deducting software to check all files, if we find a work done in software immediately we dismiss that member, we reject the work for payment, not only our company, client is also rejecting this type of works.
  • What is next step after completing typing work?
    Once you present your work, you will receive quality report through e-mail address. This as well has particulars of your salary for pages you worked for us. You will receive check payment for your work, in case you have selected to receive money through paypal, money would be sent through paypal, however you will receive salary, according to your choice, which you have selected to join and work in our company after paying joining fee. There is best chance for you to transfer your plan to higher plan; this brings you additional money, but only after three months.
  • In case a worker fails to submit, what actions are taken against to him?
    If you do not submit in time, you will not get future job, further there is no second chance for any worker to consider. However, we consider some cases; we are providing some additional days to present their work again, only after completion of the taken work from us.
  • What are the methods companies is sending money to workers?
    The following methods are used for sending money for workers
    Indian workers can receive both in fund transfer or via their savings bank account, or by check payment, or by demand draft if not through paypal.
    Overseas workers receive their money through wire transfer via money gram or check
    Salaries are offered to workers according to a selected plan, a worker could change the plan by visiting to my account page.
  • What is time duration to receive salary of a worker?
    Payments are sent after presenting your work. In next seven days, it is purely selection of a worker before joining in our company, for an example, 1-1-13 and you present your work 15 January means, on or before 22 January, payment is made to you. Late payment is unavoidable by any company because it is due to postal delay, or national holidays, festival holiday, or an important holiday. This is common excuse and worker should co-operate for delay in his payment, in general, payment is made promptly.
  • Is your company is deducting tax for my salary?
    No not at all, we are not concerned about your tax, we clear your entire amount without reducing even a cent, only you have to contact your chartered accountant, or income tax department, and inform about your income and get clearance for your earned money.
  • Any guideline is available from company side to work.
    We provide start to end guidelines for all workers, especially our clients are very particular in data entry job, they are instructed to inform all workers in setting MS word, according to client instructions we guide you in setting margin, font size, zoom, page layout, view etc. You have to follow these guidelines very strictly only that helps you to receive more works and more income.
  • I want to know validity of my registration fee to work?
    Your registration is valid for twenty-four months; our company hires you for 2 years.
  • Once I complete work, when I get next job and money.
    Once a worker completes his work, after checking them, immediately payment is released for that worker in seven days. A worker can submit work even before deadline; however, company is not calculating Saturday, Sunday and holidays in account for presenting your work. Salary is made only according to a plan selected by worker; however, plan can be changed by visiting to my account page.
  • What is the advantage I get if I submit my work in time?
    Once you take work, you complete it even before deadline or on deadline date, you have to wait for five to seven days for auditing your work, if there is no problem you will get immediate salary and next job to work again for next segment, and there is no end for your work.
  • I am pleased with all information I want to join and work what is next.
    Best decision, we congratulate you for your decision, you have to fill registration form, now you have to select best working plan we offer for you. After that, pay to your joining fee, once we receive payment details from your side, we activate work according to your selected plan. Once you log to our site, you can find my account section and below premium work plan, or title of your job, now you have to click offline data entry job tab, you can see job is available to work. Before that remember you have to download these files, and they are image files as JPEG, you can also find instruction to do job, you can also see guidelines to do job, video presentation is available to see and do the job with more perfection. You can pay to us through many channels for your joining registration fee. The channels are debit card, credit card, net banking, and paypal.
  • Once I made payment when I get jobs to work.
    Once we receive any workers joining fee, we confirm it after that, we send work to their email id within twenty-four hours in case, due to many admission of new workers it takes forty-eight hours, all details of work would be sent in email clearly.
  • What time will I get my first salary after completion of work?
    Once we activate your account in twenty four to forty eight hours, you will get work to do and if you are submitting, you have to submit your work to our office e-mail address, this address is available on my account page. Once we receive and evolution is made, you will get your salary immediately along with work, or your salary in a few days again work will be sent.
  • How long it takes a file to download?
    Generally it takes only two minutes to download, we have organized files separately as set on set 2 like that, once click download it downloads in two minutes, meantime you can click next file simultaneously you can download all available files to work. In case, you have poor computer we are not responsible, if your equipment is perfectly all right than the time is one and it time to download to your device.
  • What files are required to download, what is format of files?
    All files sent only JPEG files, they are in zip file format. Overall, you have to click unzip to get delivery; all files are saved in your device like computer. These files could be opened easily on my computer section, by using winzip program.
  • Can I get these files in a compact disk it is easy to me?
    Before some years, we used to send all CD”s only through postal or courier service, but workers were not happy, they faced many troubles. Postal people delayed in delivering cd to workers. Workers received them with cracks on cd, due to this cracks they were not able to get any sent data by us. All these are taken place due to rough handling on transportation, apart from this, once the CD is loaded in computer; many workers were not able to see any stored data. All these made to send work by files, now workers are able to get their work in time, not only this; they are able to get clear scanned files through our company direct downloading system.
  • Can I have leave while I am on work?
    Yes, friend it is easily possible and you have freedom to take leave, but you have to inform well before to our company about your holidays, this enables to do alternate solution by asking someone to do your work.
  • I am not a citizen of US, UK, India can I join for working in your company?
    Yes, it is possible for you to join in our company and earn money, this is worldwide program, you can join in our program at anytime, no issue about this at all.
  • I am in neighbor country, we do not have credit card, paypal system to pay, and can I join your program?
    Yes, you can join; there is no issue for which you have to pay our joining fee through western union money transfer company, this is done through web too, ( If not you can use money gram to pay our subscription fee, ( if you find difficult in these two you can send money through bank transfer. We have payment option section and it is visible in our pages there you can find more option to pay our joining fees >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> from any of the options we offered you can pay your starting fee >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • In case I have doubt regarding work, where I need to contact?
    At your page, there is contact customer care text is available, there we have answered many questions asked by workers like you and you will get answers from them. Many workers clarified their questions only here. Still you feel your question is different and you want to have right answer for your question. You can e-mail to us, we check your question and we send you answer within forty-eight hours, you have to understand per day we are receiving more than two thousand mails, and it is difficult for us to answer them in one day, so it takes time. We are requesting you to ask only notable and unique question, because many answers you can find in contact page itself.
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  1. Geetanjali Singh

    How to withdraw payment? No instruction available there. One more thing is that can i do this work at night?

    Geetanjali Singh

  2. dhananjay mathur

    Where i can download pages for typing? Please guide me and provide more details as soon as in my email id.

    dhananjay mathur