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Join yourself in our Data Entry in Data Entry Force Team and Gain maximum money
Data entry is a standard job in the world, an impending for this in the outsource of workers for data entry all over the world. The reason for this is offshore data entry projects are received by our company every day. Data entry ordering companies are fixed data entry operators only from Asia and more only in India and the rest of the world. Data entry is a bright job to the world, they are sent to workers to enter data at required spaces according to the requirement of principal companies.
Easiest outsourcing is made out of home workers, works are collected from regular companies, and they are supplied to homework members all over the world. World companies trust freelancers only for doing their data entry works and in all over the world. Time difference of globe enabling companies to send work to workers at nighttime, companies receive back their work in their morning office working time. This time difference is an advantage for international data entry companies to offer jobs and receive in time.
We served in this field for long years and gained enough experience with rigid knowledge in providing well developed and mingled online data entry, scanning, fixing from processing in a text conversation. We provide entire our support tour workforce from home, to make money, the potential advantage with high speed through armies. Our best quality and fewer cost control data entry solution are for anyone in online and offline data entry work requirements all twenty-four hours.
We possess sufficient job vacancies for skilled and well-qualified data entry operators, apart from this, it is a simple job a person who can read and write English. Enthusiastic people from globe taking this streamline and in areas mentioned by us, which is bringing astonishing results.
Fall in love with keys create Data for earning revenue
Pick money! Just by downloading files, Obey rules earn money without internet
Path our online forms and present your data forms paper/ book with perfection and retain the tempo
Collected online data works bring financial freedom to you.
Atoned hot copy from computer enabling internet data entry/ Output published into MS office word document
We are very much eager to receive data entry work if you are searching for data entry operators you are at the right place. Of course, if you are in any one of the above statuses, this is the right time to discuss with us to hire people from our company. It is sure for your hundred percent satisfaction works from our side. We reduce your budget money in a data entry job; our dedicated team members are ready to take any challenge in data entry works. This enabling company to provide your serviced jobs before the deadline, we are well known for perfection in data entry orders, with other clients. We have a strong team to take care of your data entry works with more accuracy. Once you contact our customer service executives, they are well trained to give you nice packages based on your requirements while ordering data entry works to us; we are available all the twenty-four hours and all seven days a week.
What makes a company hire data entry operators? Why cannot they hire permanent employees to do this data entry works?
Yeah! This is a nice question, but in many countries like Australia, Germany, Gulf is sending their jobs to us. The reason is in these countries the salary system is different; any computer professional should have to be paid high remuneration according to their work nature. This makes the employer outsource people from other countries, they prefer only Asian countries to take care of this data entry works. Only India receives more work from the above countries because in India people are working with sincerity and with perfection. Therefore, employers are quite happy with the performance of Indians. However, work is received, sent available worldwide workers, and selected workers are able to return the best output from their capacity of working mode.
There are many people with computer knowledge, but they are unable to get a chance to exhibit, apart from this there are many people-learning computers because they understand computer literacy is enabling them to find a job at home. Especially after marriage, a woman is unable to work outside, the retired person is not willing to work again, and all these people are finding the best opportunity to exhibit their talent. In their free time, moreover by working in a company like above, they get additional money to spend and enjoy life; they change even their lifestyle with income from data entry works.
Our working members are good at English this is one of the reasons, all companies are hiring workers from our company. America, Gulf, German, England companies are bothered about high-quality English, by hiring workers from our company they get not only completed the job, but as well with quality understandable English language. The primary role of our company is providing data entry typing job. There are top and leading fifty companies are providing data entry jobs to complete and resubmit. Which is offered to a worker working in our company, a worker could see every day there is new work available to him after completing the first work assigned to him?
Our role is only staying in middle position between workers and companies ordering their data entry works. We receive data entry works from various countries mostly from Gulf, Germany, Australia, and America. Once we receive them, we scan them and load them in computers. After that, scanned files are offered to workers, all these files are image files but with letters and digits based on the need of a company. These files need to be entered in server, there are many companies and hospitals maintains manual records before they are entered into computers all these manually written pages are scanned to see in computer later these letters are typed in right space instructed by client company (third party) therefore, we are working only for III rd party.


  • I am willing to do this online data entry work kindly let me know what it is.
    There are fifty and companies are regularly ordering data to be entered on a particular space. Our company collects them arranged each company with a unique code number and with file number. One company’s job is offered to various people on random basis, therefore workers could complete a job ordered by one company, simultaneously there will other company’s order passed to other workers to do typing on servers. Once a person pays joining fee that person able to see work on member account page, nature of job is typing digits or alphabets according to need of a client, at times alpha numeric jobs are offered to home working members.
  • Any particular qualification is required to do this job.
    There is no qualifications are required excepting English knowledge and typing skills. Operating computer is necessary to browse pages and take up right page to work for the day. This knowledge is enough to earn money from our company every day not more than above qualification is required for us to join in this job.
  • I want to know formalities to do this data entry job on websites of your company.
    All you have to have working mind, there is not timing for you, anytime in twenty-four hours you can log to our site and check in you my account page. In this page, you can see there is work available in bulk, if you want to work even for a whole day; we have posted already posted work for you to work. All it is your wish to decide timing, and working hours in our company. Once your account is activated there is no end for working with us, to activate your account you must have completed it by paying joining fee to our company, nothing else to worry about your job.
  • What is structure of this data entry job?
    This is nothing but converting image file like jpeg to word document, later posting them in provided text space of our company. More clear is a manually written letters are digitalized to preserve records in computer. Manually written files could be loaded only in image file, these files are updated by typing them on text box. However, company support is available to guide a new worker.
  • How can do this job I am new to any job?
    Once you pay our joining fee and join in our company, this is enough we provide you guidelines to do this job, we are aware about different kinds of learners as fast learner and slow learner, however we teach step by step to all newly joined workers. This enables you to join and work with efficiency because of our training to you.
  • How a worker understands that his job is fetching money to him?
    Once a person joins in our company, we are providing job to him. That person should have to complete the job without any tropical error. The worker should have to confirm that he has worked a portion and without error. After that, this page goes for evolution, once evolution is over worker assigned next work immediately. However, a worker’s role is informing administration about completion of his job on a day. In our company hundreds of people working like you in typing job, we need authentication from a worker about his job done for the day. Once this process is over, account section working for payment process, it is updated in my account section. This is not real figure; a worker receives more money at the end of week, later first week of a month. In first week, a person gets final amount, and he receives that amount as paycheck.
  • Up to what limit a worker can work. What is daily workload for a worker in this system?
    This type of work is only free timework and it suits mostly for retired people, job searching students, homemakers to work in free time. There is no time limit, workload for any worker in our company. However, in case a person likes to work seriously, company is quite happy about him, company willing to provide all supports to him; company considers that person is one of the poles of the company. In company job structures, three different types are available for data entry typing works. First, one is suiting to above leisure people wanting to make money in free time. Next type of work is professional typing work, this suits for a person with good typing knowledge, work experience in any place. Third one is corporate typing work, in this work group of family or group of friends can jointly work and produce result to company. We have 333 plan work, in this if you work two hundred files on day, next day no work done by you means, your completed work is updated and company not bothered about your leave for the second day.
  • What time is allotted for me to do this job and complete the job?
    There is no time allotment for any worker, we already informed this, and if you are working serious you can take 333 files and complete them on same day. Next day there will be fresh work assigned to you to do again as yester day. However, our companies are bothered only about quality of work; they are not forcing us to send work with odd errors. Therefore, once you submit your work, our quality assurance team of workers checking them, they are recommending management to pay for the work done by you. Once your status is uploaded for job made by you for the day, it is understood you are eligible to receive money for the same work done by you.
  • What is my status if I work less than hundred files a day?
    We informed about this before, however, a person should have to work minimum work to get payment, in case, a worker works the minimum work more than stipulated time, only completion of minimum work he could get his payment. At the same time, there is no limit for a person to work and earn we have bulk jobs for right and serious workers.
    (Six thousands as a Starter typist)
    (Eight thousands as an experienced typist) &
    (Ten thousands as a group Pack)
  • In case I work more than the allotted jobs, how company handles it?
    Already our plan system is exists for data entry workers; there is no compromise in our plans. In case, a worker is doing more works, our automated system is deleting excess files made by a person, further that person is not eligible to receive payment for the additional job done by him, it is wise to follow company guidelines to work based on plans.
  • How to connect to your website for working in a day, once a day or many times?
    You have hundred percent freedom to use our website, you can check my account page frequently to check your work, accounts for pay, and you can present your work at any time a portion or complete work all it frees you to handle your work and submit your work according to your free time.
  • I have home pc and office pc can I work in both places. Does company face any ip protocol problem?
    We are not bothered in case a person logs in various places, but we are strict in maintaining our system, without spam, in case many works are made for one applicant, our software finds it, and we block that worker working from our company. We have very sensitive software to find malpractice. However, we have no problem a worker working at different places.
  • What is role of the company once my typing job is completed for a day?
    There are many workers like you completing their work and submitting to us. There is a team of workers to check all works made home workers. In this team, data entry typing workers, plus administration workers to check quality of works done by workers. Once they finish their job, they recommend the works done by you people for payment. Based on their recommendation administration executive makes the payment individually to a worker, this amount could be seen in my account page of a worker.
  • What is work timing of this company?
    We work all the twenty-four hours in a day, we resume our office midnight twelve and round the clock, we work. General working days are from Monday to Saturday, a worker should have to follow his local country time to easy understanding in timing.
  • How this company makes quality checks for a worker?
    Not only for one worker for all workers are we expecting ninety-two percent, perfection on their work. Therefore, we never allow a worker to commit not more than eight percent mistakes. If there is more than eight percent mistake on a job, that particular job is not considered for payment.
    We are strict in our job presentation to client even {,) {.} these comma, and full stop missing is not eligible for payment.
  • I submitted my file, but I know I did mistake can I reopen and clear my mistakes in presented job?
    Oh sorry friend, once you submit we lock the server and send to quality assurance department. Those workers only can open your file now. Therefore, we request all workers to check as many times as possible before submitting their file. Once it is submitted, it is not possible to open your file and do corrections.
  • When I get payment for my work done for the day?
    Running account is a live account, in this account, a person who works for any hour and his job is accepted means, our accounting staff is calculating number of files made by that worker. The server of the working server and account server is combined in our system. Once your work is accepted after quality control workers of the company, it is reaches to your page and in my account section. In this section, every hour payment is changes because a worker is increasing earned money by working with effort. Therefore, this calculation is standby calculation and it is available to see on my account section of all workers. This account protocol is very sensitive protocol of our system. Even one cent is accountable to workers; therefore, a worker need not have to fear about his earned money.
    Regular payment calculations in account department: There will be regular payment calculation for a worker apart from hourly calculations. This is based on monthly basis, in case a month ends in 30 days, payment calculations are made for a worker before some days and check is ready for him to send. In case, a month ends in 31 days based on the job done by the workers payments are sent to him on given address of the applicant. There are no missing possibilities of money in our system. In case, a worker working only ten days and his amount is very low to earn a check means, that money is carried forward for next month along with that month work done by him, therefore he receives complete money without any difficulty. However, money is calculated by acceptance of a worker on a plan that he has already selected to receive money every month first week.
    Releasing payment system of our company: Our Company understands value of all workers; therefore, without fail we send payment to each worker before ten of every month. Therefore, a worker is in a position to receive his money from fifth of the month to ten of the same month. In some occasions, we miss to pay some payments, it is rarely happening and we are trying to solve this issue. Still we are checking the missing payment and paying on twentieth of the month. We pay all payments based on selection of a plan by the workers, these plans are changeable and a worker can change his or her plan at any time. This is available on my account section, there change plan tab is there on that page. A worker can change from present plan to better payout plan there is no objection from our side. By this way, a worker is changing his or her plan this month March 2014; it would come to effort only after three months. We need time to alter this plan in all our servers therefore it takes that much time for us, after three months that worker is eligible to receive money according to a new plan selected by that person.
  • Can I go on leave for a week during this job?
    There is no objection from our company side; our company is going only on the basis of number of working days and hours. Typing job made by you, our calculations are only to get clear picture of required job that made buy to pay you based on job that you did, rest of the things are not bothered, therefore, we are requesting all workers to do minimum job required for our company.
  • I am eager to know my successful work and payment for those success job done by me.
    We have standard system of accepting a job with ninety-two percent perfection on completed works. In this, we never compromise with any worker. Rest we do calculation of perfect work made by a worker, we pay money based on successful jobs of a worker. This is followed by plan selected by a worker; a perfect job gets five cents of American currency. Once a worker is on different plan he gets, one dollar and five cents for same work and in different plan, therefore once a person gets payment based on minimum successful work and according to selected plan.
  • have a doubt, I have to pay income tax for earned money or company is deducting money from my salary?
    Our company is not aware about any country income tax program; we are not concerned in deducting any money from worker’s salary. We provide full salary to everyone, therefore a worker should have to contact chartered accountant or income tax department and solve this local country tax issue.
  • I want to know exactly on what time I will get my salary?
    Salaries are updated every one hour; all workers on personal page could see this. My account page, total payout is made on every month before tenth of each month based on selection of a plan by the worker. There is open chance for a worker to change his or her plan to a new higher plan. For which a worker should have to log to the site and visit my account section and select change plan tap for changing a plan, changed plan money is different and it is higher than previous amount, therefore it takes three months time for company to install data in all files to provide new increased money for a worker.
  • I want to correct my mistakes, for which I need my rejected files is it possible?
    We also want you to do work correctly, because you are taking many efforts to do a job, but committing silly mistakes making you not to receive money for those works. Therefore, once you complete your wok, we receive all files, it is corrected and only perfect works are selected by our administration. Even if there are two mistakes on a file it is rejected, it is available to you at the end of the month once the company makes your salary, that time a worker can check his or her mistake and correct them in future works accordingly.
  • What is contract time for workers?
    Based on our principals we fix contract with all workers, we are engaged in contract for twelve months with all leading companies, based on perfect works contract is renewed.
  • Can I work permanently as data entry typist in your company?
    We are getting regular orders without fail from three countries, they are Europe, Gulf, these countries are providing ninety percent works to our company, they are quite happy in our system, and we understand what their requirements in job are. Apart from some countries ten percent work is received from America, we also understand their requirements in job. All these companies are requiring only best quality work, we understand worker cannot provide hundred percent accurate work, therefore, we are providing them to have an accuracy of ninety two percent. For correction work, we are hiring expert staff to correct your typed work and send to clients therefore all clients are happy. In case, these clients are not happy they will stop giving orders to our company, (however, this will never happen) we are increasing our quality of work maximum level best to satisfy a company. Therefore, no chance in stop receiving orders from above companies. So, as long a data entry typist is working with efficiency and with providing work according to the targeted time of principal company, we have no objection in posting work for any sincere worker, because we already received enough works to do and submit in targeted time. A worker should feel this is his company, further he has to work with sincerity, apart from this, he has to take the responsibility of serving best quality works to above international clients, in that case, a worker is not a worker he is becoming one of the poles of this company.
    {1} Our company is not like other companies, we have systematic in working mode, for which, Company has some policies and they are strictly followed no worker is exempted from this rule, in case a worker is violating this rule he will be terminated at once. Once a worker terminated from our database, we watch that worker is not joining in different name and different address, to remove him again.
    {2} If a distributor or worker is not following our terms and conditions, the name is removed from database of the company. In case a distributor violating rule, dispensing work to others, receiving, and sending to us, we understand it easily with our effective software, we immediately terminate that worker, we carefully watch those distributors and workers are not joining in our company in different ways.
  • I have friends with similar typing knowledge as me; can I send this works to them?
    You are not supposed to send your work to others to do, our company policy never permits, better you can read terms and conditions once again. We are not permitting this kind of attitude for many reasons. Once the work is sent to someone, it is resent to other one, rates for work is lower than original to gain profit for first worker, and totally, this is misleading a concept of working mode. For this reason, we have installed high quality software to check each work done by workers. Once we found anyone is sending works to somewhere and it is resent to us, it shows clearly in our software and we immediately terminating that worker. Therefore, a worker should have to do his work, should not pass the work, this is in our agreement, while joining we clearly mentioned about our company policy and action against violating our company rules.
  • Can I have multiple accounts more than five or ten?
    Yes, it is possible, company is aware hard worker can work more and earn more money that is the reason we are encouraging a worker to have up to ten accounts. In case a worker needs more than fixed ten accounts, that worker can contact administration officer or customer support executive and get more than ten accounts.
  • I have some doubts regarding this job who is the right person to contact?
    We have created frequently asked questions and answers; first, you check this before contacting our officers. Once you cannot find right answer for your question, check knowledge center, even after that, if you are not able to get a right answer, you can contact customer support officer through email and ask your question. Be sure your question is not answered in our platform, further understand, as our company is large company we are receiving more than two thousand emails a day for various reasons. You have to wait for forty-eight hours to get your answer, but ask only unique question which is not covered by our company in message board.
  • Where typing works are received and how they are corrected?
    We receive work from various countries, they are promptly ordering only to us, even they are sending for upcoming years. We are posting their work in our protocol, you get them on your page, once you complete your work, and we have a strong terminal at our London office, in London there are experts in auditing and correcting errors, their contribution only bringing more orders to our company. For your information, we have completed deal for further works like animation, software development, animation, animation, technical writing etc, these works are going to be undertaken in a short time.
  • When company is requiring data entry workers why it is collecting registration fee?
    Well, you are working here only as freelancer, at anytime you can withdraw working one day, we cannot force you to work because terms and conditions never permits us. Same time, we have to deliver work in time, in such time, we are hiring emergency workers to do your job, and always-emergency workers charge more. Apart from this, we are spending huge money on servers, in which you workers are working every day. As you think, we are not dispensing works to workers from this office. All the works are received in our London office, it takes time for them to register the work with unique number, file number etc.
    After that, only from London, office works are sent to workers and it is posted to workers like you separately. Our administration staffs and other staffs are well experienced; we hire only an experienced people to work for us, for which we pay more money to them. Especially, workers rule must have to be followed in wages, according to government law workers are paid in London. Our customer service executives are first hired, later they sent for training how to handle mass customers individually. For training them company spends more money apart from that, they are highly paid than any other companies, that is the only reason you could see same customer service support executive is answering to any question asked by you. In many companies, they pay low, and these customer support workers are quitting their job and joining elsewhere.
    Once you search for home based internet jobs, it is sure you will get many results and in many pages. If you check one by one, you can understand all these companies are diverting you to do marketing jobs as click bank or some other sales program. If you find any home based work offering company, it is sure that company is charging thousand dollars are more for registration fee from workers. In our company, we are getting bulk orders for typing we have enough workers to work apart from the database workers. We provide an opportunity to clear our work and submit in time to homework based workers. At this offer, a retired person and homemaker, a student and a person who is searching job to join in a company are working with us, apart from there are many sincere home workers are working with us, therefore, we are not charging to get profit from workers on registration fee. This fee is collected only to maintain administration staffs, customer support staffs, apart from this, servers used by home workers.
  • Do I need to contact data entry job providing companies to work?
    You do not have to worry about your job and need not contact any company for seeking data entry job. Once you have paid your joining fee, your account is created and you are eligible to work in our company. Same time, we have to check your money is reached to us, after that, we provide your log in details to start your work for working to us. For this process, we need minimum of twenty-four hours, once we get clearance about all your details, based on that your account is activated, however we are  not taking more than twenty-four hours for this process. Now you can check into your page and see my account section, there in that page you can see your job is allotted and all you have to complete your job and deliver in time. There are many companies in this field, they collect high volume of members only after that, they search for data entry orders, ours is different we have enough job, we also have workers, in addition to that we need more workers to complete client’s job in time, hope you have understood about our company.
  • How do I trust your company, because I cheated by a dubious company?
    In general, a friend only bringing his close friend to join in our company that means, an earning worker of this company is brining next person his friend, or relative therefore this question does not arise with new member. However, we have responsibility in giving explanations about our company and our process, we are very open to all workers, we never hide anything with workers, what we receive job we are posting to workers. In case, if you happen to see new member’s area, there you can see thousands of new members are joined just a minute ago, from this a person can understand we are trust worthy company. Moreover, we are in this field for more than ten years, millions of people aware about our service, they are not workers, but they send workers to us, based on our reputation of our company. We are getting visitors more than a million numbers every day. We are award winners for providing best home based job opportunities for public.
  • Sir, I am impressed with above explanations I would like to join what is next.
    Great decision, we appreciate you, we wish you all success in your life, well you have to log to our site check available plan, select one of the plan out of three plans we have. Based on plan you have to remit money, once you remit money you are included in our team, however, do not worry if you are joining only in minimum plan now, later you can change your plan when you have more time to work. Make sure you are paying your money only as non-refundable deposit.
    Fifty USD 50$- (For Beginner (starter) Typist), or
    Seventy USD70$ – (For Professional (experienced) Typist Plan) or
    Hundred USD 100$- (For Group Package)
    Once you pay your money, it reaches account section; there our executives are identifying your area and other particulars. After that, activation made to you, you have to understand once again this money you paid is non refundable, apart from that, you have paid money only for every summary of your work server, every day work server, every day accounting server, total money payable server, your account security and other important data security, your file correction charges etc. Your now eligible to visit your page, because we activate in twenty four hours time, once you check you’re my account page, you will be amazed to see your work is waiting for you. Now all you have to take your time to complete and present to us. You are permitted to check client’s job space and pick your job, this is best option only we provide to you.
    We have one more request to you, we are arranging to send all our mails in normal inbox, but at times, it reaches in bulk, spam supported mails, therefore, kindly check our mail both inbox and in bulk folders for joining in our company as freelance worker. You have to understand one more thing, money you have paid only for above already mentioned specialized service for you, not more than above service you are eligible, because frequently we introduce new intellectual products, new services and many more, your money is not eligible for any of other service and it is only for servers you are paying money.
    In above condition only you will receive your log in details, but at some time, delays are taking place while sending mails to you. In that case, there will be an important reason to get our mail in delayed time, national holidays, any other big holidays, or server is failing and major problem is faced in server, or millions of people are accessing on one day to our site, all these causing us to send your work details mail in late.
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