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In present days, a person should have to be remembered even for simple reasons, this reflects in sales of a product and service. In many cases, a person is interested to purchase a product, he is confirming order, but forgetting to pay, later he is asking to deliver his goods, when company checks, that person is not paid money, however he is eager to buy that product. This is just only wrong thinking of that person, that person decided to pay but forgot to pay, this is just mind set error. Therefore, a seller has to call and confirm a sales, a seller should have to make him to buy a product or service, by remaining him plenty of time. For an example, a person decides to fix carpet cleaner, pest control service to his home; he is calling a directory service and getting a company with dual services, which company is ready to provide service, but this person is not free to hire them. If a person remains him, it is sure he would hire carpet cleaning plus pest service for his home. Therefore, companies are hiring phone-calling women, gents to remain people, inform people about service, provide information regarding a subject etc. Apart from this, there are many directory services are with data about service or product availability, only these phone calling assistants are informing, once they pick phone call, they are asking requirement from opponent, the opponent informs that he needs to paint his home, best paint name is suggested, where it is available is suggested by phone calling service.
The requirement for working phone-calling service is only speaking clearly with any voice, there is no sweet voice is necessary. Knowledge in mind is necessary, destined speech is must; all these things are available with any person in the world. There is no training is required to attend phone calls and reply to a phone call, already people are doing this for their personal use. Only now, they are going to speak for a service or for a seller. Companies are directly hiring people for phone-calling service, of course, they are hiring permanent phone calling assistants, the quantity is not enough for them, because they are receiving more calls, available phones attendees are not sufficient. Normally, phone-calling assistants are paid based on number of calls, even it is a wrong call, and they pay from their pocket. Only duty of the phone-calling assistant is picking phone and answering according to the requirement of the boss. Capacity of understanding virtually a problem is a must, in case a customer is calling and asking something, without clear information, it is the duty of the phone calling assistant to ask many questions investigate his requirement finally provide him a solution. Without asking many questions, investigation cannot be made virtually, this is how a phone attendee should have to handle. Many companies are not able to hire directly phone-calling people; their outlet is only where they can find many freelance services are available for workers. A phone-calling person should understand when a person is called and he is not available means, calling person should expect a call from called person.


  • How many phones I should buy to answer calls?
    Single connection is enough to answer company phone call.

  • How many hours I have to do phone calls?
    As usual eight hours you have to work in home by attending phone calls.

  • What kind of calls I receive or call?
    Once you join as a member, you can find various employers, you can speak with them, have phone interview and you will come to know about your business, service, or information providing call.

  • What I should posses qualification?
    If you are not speaking harshly to anyone, that is your qualification and you can earn regular income from this phone calling jobs.

  • Who will pay my phone bills if it goes beyond my budget?
    You do not have to pay phone bills at all once you produce your bill to boss, employer (or our company) will pay and your salary.

  • How much money I will get for calling over phone?
    Once you join in our company, you will be allotted subject to speak, phone numbers that you have to call, and your call will be monitored by our superior rejected calls will not be paid and selected calls will be paid, by this way you will get from 500$ to 2500$ based on subject and other requirements.

  • Can I get dismissal order if any problem? 
    As long as there are not many complaints we never remove you from service, if you are harsh to customers, you are not providing sufficient contents or information for customers naturally we have to terminate, we give importance only to client, who pays us.

  • How many days in a week I must work?
    You have to work only from Monday to Friday not more than that, if an employer is asking you to work additional days, you will get more payment for working in nonworking days.

  • If I do not work in other days, and work only from Monday to Friday what will happen?
    Nothing, for employer we will suggest someone who is ready to work on other days to earn more money.

  • What job guarantee I have?
    We hire once you pay our subscription for twelve months, if you are with clear report you can continue like the same for many years. Already we have many people working for many years, we are only mediators, and we are peace lovers in providing job for freelance workers.

  • If someone speaks vulgarly, what I can do?
    In phone, all people should follow telephone manners. In case if someone is speaking vulgarly we are not responsible for that, you can see in our terms and condition, but you can take any action like informing employer about that person, if you receive phone call again vulgarly from him means you can go to police and report about that person. However, morally we will help you to punish or get compensation from that person.

  • If I want to take leave what is a condition?
    Taking leave is obviously allowed for phone calling person, throat is not a machine, in case throat infection is there, cannot work, company understands about this physical problem leave is allowed for genuine reasons.

  • All right I am interested to join what is next to do?
    All you have to fill form for this phone-calling job, you have to enter your phone number without fail, apart from that you have to pay joining fee to us. You have many options to pay us, you can check in payment option section >>>>>>>>>> once you finish a process we will email you with details, you have to log to site and check my account section where hundreds of employers are waiting to hire you.




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