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Recent survey says out of ten people six are possessing Twitter account www.twitter.com. Total users of this above social media site gone to several millions, a person is using this site for communicating general ideas, contacting old friends, relationship with present friends other free time activities on this site. Present condition of this site users maximum only for business promotions, because this is remunerating. Every business as small, medium and large are getting rapid business developments, all by promoting products service to friends circle. All these vendors getting fresh business from Twitter, similarly from other social media site facebook.
Just by twitting one person can earn big money, not much effort requiring for a person to earn money from this site, just tweet some message brings money for day to day expense met by a person. Apart from this, monthly power bills, household needs are covered with above tweeting. We are providing most money revolving homework based on twitting. All a person must have to do is only tweet ever day without fail. Twitter is connecting millions of families and friends. We provide simple job to tweet and attract these family and friends to make money, by using your twitter account. Each tweet really, pays you. Single tweet takes only two to three seconds. We teach more technique in Tweeting to get additional income, where you cannot learn from anywhere. Tools provided by us, in new software and strange online tools. All these enabling a person to tweet in auto and to tweet all twenty-four hours even if you are not in desktop or any devise or even you are in sleep however, these tools bring money, money falls in your account; even you do not work much to earn money. Requirement is only tweet five thousands and followers on your twitter account. All you need to have twenty five thousands or more followers on twitter. You should have likes in facebook twenty five thousand this is enough to earn handsome income.
In case, if you already have more followers, it generates you more income, for each follower we pay additionally.


  • What is required age to do this twitting job? What is required education?
    Age limit is only 18 but a child can assist parent or adult, as tweet is all about business promotions only. Elementary knowledge is sufficient, surfing internet added advantage, twitting a few words.

  • What is formality for tweet N earn program?
    You have to make your registration with our company. Next step you have to pay joining fee, go to my account section, there you will get all dictations to start your work at once, along with our efficient tools.

  • How much, quantity of tweets I have to do on every day?
    No limit to anyone a person can tweet any number without any limit. More and more you tweet that brings high earnings.

  • Where text I can have to tweet?
    We provide do not worry about texts at all, jut tweet on www.twitter.com

  • Can I use software for tweeting?
    Why not, you can use software for twitting we are allowing it.

  • Could I use tweet webs for tweeting?
    Of course, you can use them, however we are also providing with a lists of auto webs, which is faster and accurate in tweeting.

  • How a auto tweet site is functioning to make money for me?
    Membership is essential in this webs, for auto tweeting. By setting auto timer, which enables sending auto tweeting, once you set perfect time, for each day six am, in morning, is good enough. Your tweet is appearing in time at 6 am in morning. Even without logging into tweeter account, this is the specialty of this auto tweeting.

  • Even auto tweet enables to receive money?
    Of course, you get money, by auto tweets. Money credited on your account you will get money for auto tweet.

  • How do I know, number of tweets I made?
    After becoming a member, log to my account section, with your twitter user id password is enabling to check number of tweets you made for a day. 

  • What pay I get for doing a tweet in tweeter.com?
    Each tweet fetches 3$ USD, for typing a tweet it takes only three to five seconds.

  • What is limit in earning through a company plan?
    There is no limit in earning and sky is limit for making money on tweet. By limiting tweet for a day, you can make money. For an instance, 1st day you are making 100 tweets, this is fetching you 600 $ USD for that day, from this you can guess your total income for a month.
    By setting five auto webs for tweeting, for next day total tweets reach 200x 5 =1000 tweets, income for your pocket will be 3000$ USD, for nil work from your part next day understand this well. Now you can understand yet another day without working you had this money.
    Overall, your income ratio is like below-
    First day tweets you made 200 income =6000USD
    Next 29 days with 5 automatic tweet sites, total postings are 200x29=5800. This is fetching you income of 5800USD.
    Whole income will be 6000 and over all income is $1800 one thousand eight hundred dollars at end of your month working days. This is simple to understand, presently if you are working every day for five hundred tweets. Daily posting same in automatic tweet websites, your earning will be multiple brings high incomes. Understand there are millions of automatic tweet websites, total free software is ready to use on the internet once you check in online you will understand this well, by calculating mathematically you can create your own targeted income for a month, that’s all you have to understand now.

  • Shall I get more income from new followers?
    Of course, obtaining a new follower, to your account fetching five dollars in addition to regular income that you make for a month, you can attract a person easily with our attractive tweet texts.

  • Could I have more twitter accounts? 
    You can create as many as you want to have, but following rules and conditions in registering new account avoiding problems.

  • When I will get my payment for a month?
    In a month 7th to 15th you will get your monthly pay, for previous month that you served for us. This is 1st to 30th of last month salary. If you are not able to get your pay within above time, 20th you will get your pay, this is missing payday for workers who missed to receive their salary.

  • In what channel I get my salary?
    Payments are sent by selected plan of a worker, during joining our program. Any moment a worker can change his plan to a new one, by logging to my account change plan section.

  • Do I need to pay any joining fee?
    Yes, you have to pay 55USD as joining fee, once your payment is made, and we receive, twitter work activation is committed at once. Just login to my account section, you can expect activation from our side with twenty-four hours; rarely it takes forty-eight hours.




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